How to be available for receiving calls

All communication via one inbox: telephony is of course also a part of this! But how does that work? Where, can you pick up the phone for example? At the moment of a call, the telephone will ring in all employees their browsers; these employees need to be linked to a channel and must have the role of manager or team leader. The first person who picks up the phone actually gets the caller on the line. Colleagues with a user role can only see the telephone conversation when it is assigned to them.

Online or Offline

To be available for telephony, it's first of all important that the administrator of the Trengo account ensures that the right team is linked to the right channel. In addition, it is also important that the right employees are in the right team. Is this all the case? Then you can receive a call!

First of all, a user (or agent) must available for telephony in order to be notified of incoming calls. This is possible because the agent turns his/her status to online, by means of clicking the phone icon📞 in the top right corner of the screen. If a call is made, this call will appear in the same side of the screen. 

When someone is available for calls, he/she can be reached by all voice channels to which he or she is linked.

Answering the phone

When the call is made, the phone call will appear on the right hand side of the screen and a message will also appear at the bottom of the screen. If Trengo is not in the foreground, it's still possible to receive a push notification, at the moment that these are allowed in the browser . In addition to these visual notifications, the phone will actually ring through a ringtone. It is possible to hear this ringtone through the speakers or just in the headset.

As soon as the phone rings, there are two options: "Accept" and "Ignore". By choosing accept, the call is accepted and the caller can be spoken to. When "Ignore" is chosen, the call is only refused by the employee who chooses this option, but the phone will continue to ring for others until the maximum waiting time has elapsed, or the customer hangs up the phone him/herself.

Once the call has been completed, the call can be ended up via the red button.

A ticket has been created

Telephone tickets are also generated in Trengo. This is useful, because it shows how often and in which way previous communication has already taken place. In addition, there's room for notes and an administrator can set up that all phone calls are recorded: you'll never miss information again!