Sending an email that includes an attachment

Does your organization send many emails? In our email channel there's a simple way to add attachments to email messages. It can be done in two ways: via the paper clip at the bottom right or by dragging the attachment directly into the message.

Depending on the settings that an administrator made in the account, the attachment is sent as a physical document or as a link.

Inserting an attachment using the paper clip 📎

The paper clip icon is located at the bottom right next to the send button. Clicking it will open the file folder and an attachment can be selected here. By double-clicking the attachment, or the open button, the attachment is added.

Inserting an attachment by dragging

You can also add an attachment by dragging the attachment directly from the folder into the message. Please note: drag the attachment to the correct field (at the bottom of the message) to ensure that it is actually added.

After adding the attachment it's a matter of completing and sending the message.