The outbound phone number

A practical setting in Trengo Voice is the possibility of choosing an outbound phone number. Useful when the current phone number hasn't been ported yet, for example. The outbound phone number is the number that can be dialed or the number that a customer sees when the company calls him.

Setting an outbound number

How can that be arranged? The outbound number is displayed at the bottom of the phone settings. The moment this setting is set to "Default" means that the phone number used in Trengo is automatically displayed.

The line below leads through the link to a pop-up where the outbound phone numbers can be managed. By choosing "Add phone number" here, your own number can be added and verified in the window below.

A number can be added to the list using the green button. Enter a number here in the top field, in international format (with 3185 instead of 085, for example) and choose the green button "Add phone number". If the outbound number uses a choice menu that can be filled in, the selection path can be entered under the "Optional Extension". By entering the letter 'w', 0.5 seconds of delay is placed between the choices.

As soon as this is done, a code appears at the top of the screen. In addition, a direct call is made to the number that has been set to verify. As soon as you are asked for this number during the call, it is only a matter of filling in.

Once this is set up, the phone number is verified and it only needs to be selected under the Voice Channel settings. Save the settings in the channel to ensure that the changes are saved properly!