Setting up phone greetings

The great thing about Trengo telephony is that, just like with all other functionalities, almost everything can be personalized. This way the organization can add sounds for all "messages" within the Voice function. This way a customer is always approached in a way that suits the organization.

Adding an audio file

To get started quickly, a standard message has been added, but it's nice if customers hear the familiar voice or the familiar tape. By means of the function: "Click here to add custom greetings" under each greeting, different audio files can be added.

By clicking on the link, a new screen is opened, in which audio files can be added via the button "New greeting". It's possible to upload an audio file or to record a soundclip straight away. Make sure that the different greetings have a recognizable name, so that you can easily select the right greeting for the right moment.

Note that only the following audio files can be added to Trengo: .mpeg, .wav, .mp3, .aiff.

After uploading/saving, it's immediately possible to set the greeting under the Voice settings.

Welcome, No agents available, Outside Office Hours

Within Trengo three different greetings will be chosen: "Welcome", "No available agents" and "Outside business hours". Depending on the settings and the availability of the agents in Trengo, these greetings will be played.

Note: if "Call forwarding" is activated, the greetings for "No agents available" and "Outside Business hours" are not available. 


The welcome greeting is what customers hear when they call the company during the opening hours and at least one employee is "online" for answering calls. After the welcome message, the customer is transferred to the employees in Trengo. The phone will ring until one of the employees picks it up.

No agents available

Are all online employees in discussion, or is no one online? Then the customer will hear the message stored under "No agents available".

Outside business hours

Under "Auto Replies" the operating hours can be entered; these are also linked to Voice. If a customer calls and the "Allow calls outside business hours" function is set to "No", Trengo automatically gives the "Outside business hours" greeting.

If "Allow calls outside business hours" is set to "Yes", Trengo will look for an employee who's online. If this employee cannot be found, the "No agents available" greeting will be played.

If you record phone conversations, the "Outside business hours" function serves as a Voicemail. Customers can leave a message here, which is also registered and you can reply in your Trengo account! That way, a lead is never missed again!