Never miss any information: record the phone call!

After a phone call has been made, it can sometimes happen that you think afterwards: "What have we agreed on?" or "What was that person's name again?". With Trengo, that is a thing of the past! Within Trengo there's the possibility to record a phone conversation and thus listen it again and again. This way you can get all the information straight!

Benefits for the organization

Recording phone conversations can have a number of benefits for organization:

  1. Everything that's discussed is recorded; that way, information is never missed.
  2. In this way, the content of a phone conversation can easily be shared with colleagues.
  3. Every phone call in Trengo will create a conversation and subsequently a ticket number. This makes it easy to see how often a customer has been called, for example.
  4. In addition, conversations can be listened to. Tip: by doing this regularly and when providing feedback to each other, one communication style can be created within the organization!

Setting up the recording function

An administrator of your Trengo account can set up recording. This can be done via Settings -> Voice ; then edit the relevant telephony channel.

Then enable the "Record calls" option by moving the switch to green (see illustration) and save the settings. At that moment Trengo will record every telephone call, incoming and outgoing!

Please note: before setting up the recording of telephone conversations, always check which laws and regulations apply to the recording of telephone conversations in countries where the organization is active. Trengo can never be held liable for this; the responsibility for this will always lie entirely with your organization in any situation, and never with Trengo!