The first settings within the Voice channel

After a number is selected from the list, the Voice channel is active immediately. This means that you can start calling right away! It's important, however, that the Trengo Balance has been updated, so that there's "credit" that can be used for phone calls. There are some more steps you need to take in order to create the Phone channel the way the organization likes it! 

A recognizable channel

When several Voice channels are linked to Trengo, it's wise to give each channel a recognizable name. Especially because the various Voice channels can also be selected for outgoing calls. By means of proper distinction, an employee quickly knows which number's being called. Next step is connecting the correct teams and business hours to the correct Voice channels. This way, calls automatically reach the right people and doesn't have to wait unnecessary outside the business hours!

The many possibilities of Voice

In addition to being able to create a recognizable channel, there are plenty of options to set up Voice according to your wishes. In the following articles we explain everything:

  1. Recording phone calls;
  2. Greetings and other sounds;
  3. Putting users on hold;
  4. Choosing an outbound phone number.