How to set up a Trengo Voice channel

Requesting a telephone channel (Voice channel) can quickly be arranged in Trengo! In addition, the wide choice of telephone numbers is a real plus. But where to start? Under Settings -> Voice (from the channel list) of course! With one click on the big green button, the first step in creating a Voice Channel is taken.

Choosing a country and a number

The nice thing about telephony within Trengo is that it's possible to choose from which country a generated phone number should come. Do you have many customers in the United States? Then create a US phone number and they can easily approach the company via a phone number that is familiar to them. Even when the office is located in the Netherlands!

Please note: it may be the case that some countries require an actual address in the country of establishment due to local legislation. Trengo will automatically display such information when such conditions apply.

In addition to choosing a country, a specific phone number can also be chosen (possibly a number with the company's own key ciphers of the city or region of the company). Would you like to use Voice with an existing phone number? Then we can port that phone number to Trengo!

Extra costs

Before a Voice channel can be created, a box must be ticked. This is for the monthly recurring costs of the selected number. These costs come on top of the costs of an extra channel and may vary per country.

Please note: since Trengo incurs costs for maintaining a phone number, telephony can only be tested if Trengo is used for at least one month. Only after this period has ended can the number be canceled!