Trengo and Twitter

More than one million Dutch persons use Twitter every day and many companies also use this communication system. But what if a customer seeks contact via a Direct Message (DM) in Twitter? It's of course not the intention that employees spend lots of time on Twitter while waiting for a DM. That's why it's possible to connect this social media channel to Trengo!

Linking Twitter

Twitter can be found under the Channels list in Settings. A Twitter channel can be added to Trengo via the green + button. Click this button and Trengo will look for a Twitter account. Not logged in on Twitter? Then this can still be done via the Twitter page that Trengo opens. Log in and the link is generated automatically! Linking Trengo and Twitter is therefore as easy as piešŸ„§!

Next, set up everything correctly and check that the correct account is linked. Then choose "Create Channel" and the channel is actually created.

Setting up Twitter

Furthermore, the channel is completely self-explanatory; it's important to set the basic settings correctly. So make sure you have a clearly distinctive name for every Twitter channel. Link the right teams and choose a color, so that received Twitter tickets are even more noticeable.

Next it is important to choose a notification sound and the applicable business hours to ensure the right auto reply gets send to the customers. 

Good to know

Here are some more tips when using Twitter:

  1. The Twitter system works with automatic refreshments (once in a while, the page is refreshed and new messages are shown). The same thing applies to DMs. It's possible that a message does not arrive in Trengo in real time, but a delay of about a minute may apply.
  2. The idea behind Twitter is short messages and this also applies to the DMs. Both outgoing and incoming messages cannot contain more than 280 characters. This also applies when Twitter's used via Trengo.