Using Trengo for SMS!

SMS is a useful channel in Trengo to keep customers informed of new updates, to send order confirmations and other practical information that does not necessarily have to be responded to. It's also possible to use SMS as a bulk channel, with which large groups of people can be reached at the same time.

Using SMS from Trengo is possible in two different ways: One-way or Two-way. One-way SMS is an outbound channel that is intended to send messages; therefore no messages can be received! Two-way SMS is really a full communication channel where you can send and receive.

Please note: due to the GDPR regulations, a customer may not receive a message 'out of the blue' from the company without having given permission in advance.

How to deploy Trengo for SMS

Because of the two different types of channels, it's a channel with many possibilities that can be adapted to the needs of the organization. For example, the bulk option is extremely suitable for reaching thousands of people in one go and keeping up to date with the latest news. The following articles will help you get started when requesting and setting up SMS.

  1. Create and set up an outbound SMS channel (one-way) .
  2. Create and set up a complete SMS channel (two-way).
  3. Work more efficiently using contact groups.