Enabling the Trengo app to send push notifications

Anyone who uses the Trengo app probably does't have this app running on the foreground all the time. Nevertheless, you would like to keep posted about new conversations. This can be done by enabling push notifications for the Trengo app.

Push notifications in iOS

Trengo app users with an iPhone or iPad can allow notifications for Trengo under the settings of their device. The GIF below shows where this can be found. It is even possible to fully personalize where and how these messages appear, with or without chiming, in the start screen or even when the device is actually used. This is useful, because the user of course knows when he or she wants to be disturbed or not.

Push notifications in Android or Windows

The same goes for Android; allowing and denying notifications is regulated in the Settings of the device. By allowing Trengo notifications you're kept informed of new messages easily. You'll never miss anything againšŸ’Ŗ!

Tip: In order to hear any app chimes, the mobile device must not be muted! Do you want to work with Trengo in the browser? Then read this article to see how push notifications can be allowed in your browser.