How do I get a verified business account?

Display name

When submitting a WhatsApp request, you will be asked to enter a display name. This is the name that is linked to the telephone number and is therefore visible to customers who contact your company.

Type of account

If you choose to use WhatsApp via Trengo, you use WhatsApp Business API. By default, every account that uses WhatsApp Business API is a business account. However, an account can also be verified by WhatsApp. Then it is seen as a verified WhatsApp account. The added value of this is, among other things, that a green tick is displayed with the account and that the company name is displayed by default instead of the telephone number.

It is important to know that WhatsApp only approves a few companies for this. The official guidelines for approval are not public. While WhatsApp guidelines aren't public, there are presumed criteria WhatsApp looks at:

Company size: larger organizations are more likely to be verified than smaller organizations

  • External branding: you have already built up brand awareness
  • You have a WhatsApp Business account
  • You have a verified Facebook Business account
  • You have been using WhatsApp Business API for 3 months

Apply via Trengo

Trengo can start an application for a verified business account through our business partner. The mediation costs for this are 45 euros. Any organization can start an application.