Allow push notifications in the browser and never miss a conversation!

Besides working within Trengo, there may be many other tasks that will also have to be done on the desktop. Or a current chat conversation takes up all your attention. Then a new conversation might be overlooked. Within Trengo we have set up push notifications that can prevent this: a new message is announced by means of a chime and a pop-up. However, it is important that these notifications are permitted in the browser in which you work.

Push notifications in Google Chrome 

In every modern browser, it is possible to enable push notifications (with the exception of Internet Explorer). Enabling these is different for each browser. With Chrome, this can be done via the button to the left of the web address (often in the form of an 'i'). Here you can choose whether notifications should be displayed.

Pushnotificaties in Mozilla Firefox

Using Mozilla Firefox? Allow push notifications by following these steps: 

Push notifications in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge also has the option to allow push notifications. If this has not yet happened (when visiting the Trengo desktop version) a message will appear at the bottom of the screen, asking whether messages may be displayed. We advise to choose "yes" in that case. Then the browser remembers these settings and push notifications will appear in the future.

This can be adjusted later via the settings in the Mircrosoft Edge browser.

How and where the notification then appears, depends on whether or not Trengo is on the foreground. If this is the case, the pop-up will appear on the left. If Trengo is not used in the foreground, the pop-up appears on the right. In addition to the pop-up, Trengo also chimes briefly.

By allowing push notifications in the browser you'll always know when a new message comes in. Missing or overlooking messages are a thing of the past💪!

Push notifications for Safari

To allow push notifications in Safari, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on 'Safari' in the menu bar
  3. Select 'Preferences'
  4. Open the 'Websites' tab
  5. Then choose 'Notifications'

Then click on the drop-down menu at, by which notifications are allowed and choose 'Allow'. Chiming is not currently supported in Safari.