Connecting an email channel to the Widget

The email function in the widget can be a very convenient function for website visitors. Customers can send an email directly via the Widget. They don't have to remember an email address or wait for their email program to start.

It's easy to get started with

The email settings in the Widget are almost as simple as sending an email itself. Enabling is as easy as flipping the switch to "Yes". The recipient address, or "Recipient email", must be filled with the address to which the contact form may be sent. When this is completed, receiving emails via the Widget is ready to go. It's useful to use the same email address that is set up within Trengo. If this is filled in and "Update widget" has been clicked, everything is arranged.

According to your own style

Is it necessary for customers to enter a subject in addition to their name, email address and message? An extra entry field can then be added to the widget via Custom Fields. The completed form will then arrive in the inbox in this way. Click "Assign to me" and you can immediately send an email back.

Is everything set according to your own wishes? Click "Update widget" and everything will be saved. Now that all channels have been added and configured, the Widget can be placed on the website!