How to use the Website chat via the widget

One of the, or perhaps the most important function of the widget, is the Website chat. Not only can a website visitor ask a question quickly; the threshold to make contact is also a lot lower for him/her!

By switching on the chat and adding a channel to the widget, you can easily get started. The basics are already there, but everything can be adjusted to your own taste.

Chat settings

We recommend personalizing the chat exactly in such a way that it fits in with the organization. For example, the chat can always be online, even if no one is present.

  1. Increasing the number of leads: imagine that the chat's always available!
  2. Use greetings and invite website visitors to start chatting with you.
  3. Collect information in advance with the Pre-Chat form.
  4. Everyone's status set to 'Offline' after hours and during the weekends (for example).
  5. Automatically close a chat conversation.
  6. Show that you are available for chat conversations!
  7. Always aware of incoming chat conversations.

Important to know

A few last things that are useful to know when setting up for the chat within the Widget.

  1. When the chat is "Always available", customers are asked to enter an email address. When a customer goes offline and the address is filled in, his or her questions can be answered by email. This way the visitor always gets an answer 😉.

    Convenient: It's very easy to answer a question asked in the chat in Trengo, even when the visitor has left the website. The answer can be typed in directly below the chat message. Trengo will then automatically create an email!

  2. You can set up that the chat goes offline when the company is closed in the settings of the chat (Offline outside business hours). The opening times can be set up under the Settings of "Company Profile" (Business Hours).

Finally, if everything is to your liking, save the widget again by clicking "Update widget" and continue to the next step