The Settings of the Chat

Under "Website Chat", the foundation of a well-functioning chat channel can easily be laid. In this way, a new channel can quickly be set up via which customers can contact the company🤗.

Recognizable and focused

It's important that a Website chat channel has a recognizable name, but the channel can stand out even more in the inbox by giving it a color.

Is it not necessary that the chat is answered by everyone? Make sure that the right teams are linked to the channel. For example, only people who really have to work with a chat get to see the received chat messages. Under settings it's also possible to receive an email notification of a new chat conversation. Whoever wants the chat to be online can use this function. However, it's much more convenient to install the Trengo app on PC and mobile phone. Then an automatic notification will be sent in case of a new conversation. Tip: make sure that "Push notifications" are allowed in the browser in which you work.

Automatic reactions

Another option within the Chat Settings is to enable automatic responses. Here you can set whether an automatic reply should be sent in response to a message from a customer, depending on the opening hours. A function that can come in handy especially with Messaging channels. Our advice, however, is to leave this "Disabled" within the Website chat. This is because within the widget via which the chat will start, there's a nice function that ensures that you never miss a lead again!

Personalizing the Website chat even further

You can further personalize the Website chat channel by adding notifications for example. Those notifications draw the attention to the Website chat on the website. Under the Website Widget these "triggers" and many other things are easy to arrange! Here you can also find how "chat" can be placed on the website.

Turning on a Chatbot 🤖

Another nice feature for the Live Chat is our Chatbot. By properly instructing the Chatbot and feeding it with answers to frequently asked questions, for example, you can make the work process a lot more efficient!