Setting up a Website chat channel

A frequently used Trengo option is the Website chat feature, because it's a simple and easily accessible way for customers to get in touch with an organization. The Website chat channel can be requested under Channels and then can be linked to a widget. This widget can then be placed on the webiste. As soon as the widget is on the website, you can start chatting. Super easy!

It's that simple

Creating a Chat Channel is the first step in setting up a fast and low-threshold contact point for customers. Under "Channels" at Settings, the "Website Chat" channel is also an option. If you go to this channel, you can simply add a new chat channel using the large green + button.

If this has happened, the channel can be set up. It's important to provide the Website chat channel with a clear, distinctive name. For example, choose "Chat [name of website]." Good distinction is important because a clear channel name always makes it easy to see where a message came from. This is especially the case if you organization works with multiple Website chat channels!

Important as well is selecting which team(s) may answer chat conversations and what sound the notification of a new chat message has. Lastly choose which business hours are applicable for the channel to make sure visitors receive the correct auto reply at the correct moment. 

Once a Website chat channel has been created, it's easy to set it up!