Ready, set, GO!

Now the entire End-to-End Guide has been completed, all channels have been added, all teams have been set up and all colleagues have been invited and everything has been set as desired, it's time to actually start working in Trengo!

Working in Trengo

All colleagues who have been invited can work in Trengo have their own authorization or function with different possibilities. Most people answering conversations will have either a "User" or a "Supervisor" function, which allows them to process conversations. Most of their tasks and functionalities are explained in the "Agent essentials" chapter of this Help Center. Here you can find for example: 

  1. Working in Trengo
  2. How do I answer a Chat?
  3. Divert a phone call
  4. Work in the mobile Trengo App

Adjusting a setting

Are there still things that need to be modified in Trengo? Would you like to add an extra channel? Or do you want to know more about the widget? Where can I add a Chatbot? Admins can find the answers to these and other Questions within the "Admin essentials" section. 

Tech-related topics

Would you like to place the widget on the company's website? Do you want to know more about API and all its possibilities? Web developers and IT professionals can find the answers to all their questions in the "Tech" category!

We're happy to help you make the most of Trengo. Weren't you able to find the answer to a specific question? Feel free to contact us via Website chat or via email ( πŸ“¬.