Screenharing in a Live chat: helping efficiently 👩‍💻

A good way to get the customer off to a good start on the website or in the product settings: screen sharing. This way, an agent immediately knows what a customer sees in front of him and he or she can help the customer on their way to the correct information.

How does it work

First of all, it is important that Screensharing is added to the widget settings by a Trengo Administrator. If successful, the agent can activate screensharing in a conversation with the customer following these steps:

  1. Click on the screensharing icon:
  2. Confirm the choice by sending an invitation to the customer:
  3. The customer now receives an invitation to share his/her screen and can accept or decline it:
  4. If the customer accepts the invitation, a screen sharing session will start via Surfly. Click on "View Screen" to navigate to the screen:
  5. A new tab will open, showing the customer's screen.
    Good to know: a pencil pointer is immediately activated on the agent's side, so the agent can immediately point out or colorize things to help the customer further.

Session ended? Then click on "Stop Session" to close screen sharing.

Extra features within Screensharing

The customer / chatter has the following options to make sharing information even easier:

  • Invite a colleague by e-mail to view the screen.
  • Change who is in control. Blue pencil: agent can highlight features, red pencil: customer can highlight features.
  • Share the screen of a different URL.
  • Share a document.
  • Mark things in the screen.
  • Video chat. Continue the conversation by talking to each other in a live video session.
  • End the screen sharing session. (The chat will remain online)

As an agent, there are the following additional options during screen hair:

  • See how many people have a shin sharing session.
  • Share a document.
  • Video chat. Continue the conversation by talking to each other live.
  • End the screen sharing session. (The chat will remain online)