Automation: working more efficiently!

Whoever works in customer services probably recognizes the following situation: many customers or potential customers ask similar questions. Or the Sales team has to send a supply email which often basically contains the same information every time. It's not very convenient if the content has to be retyped every single time. In addition to these wishes, a customer would also like to know it when the organization is closed and the question won't be answered immediately. Trengo has a number of useful solutions for these situations. This makes it possible to work even faster and more efficiently!

Auto Replies

One of the first options of Automation is the possibility to set up Auto Replies related to the opening hours of the company 🕘. The opening hours can be added within Settings-->Company profile-->Business hours. A customer can also be informed about this via an automatic message, which can be created via Settings --> Auto Replies.

In this article everything concerning Auto Replies is explained.

Quick Replies

In addition to letting the customer know whether the company is open or closed, s also convenient for employees to have the answers for frequently asked questions at hand. Within "Quick Replies", basic messages can be prepared for different channels. An agent simply inserts the appropriate answer using the two "commas" at the bottom of a conversation. 

Rules 📚

By creating Rules for certain conversations, certain actions are automatically performed. For example, it's possible to let Trengo identify certain email addresses by means of Rules and mark these messages as Spam.

Ticket Results

Ticket results make it possible to give a certain status to a ticket upon closing it. This way, for example, an agent can give the conversation a rating. Ticket Results can be found under Settings -> Ticket Results.

Labels and Filters🔖

Finally, messages can also be provided with Labels and Filters. Labels make it possible to 'tag' a ticket to certain topics, such as: 'Wifi Failure' or 'Urgent'. In this way, tickets are categorized and the 'Statistics' module makes it easy to see what kind of tickets have been sent to the organization.

Additionally, you can easily filter messages in the Inbox under the filters🔖 shown on the left. You can only show tickets from a certain label or a specific user for example.