Facebook Messenger implements the [BETA] 24-hour rule

On 6th of March, Facebook Messenger implemented the 24-hour rule. This will limit the freedom for businesses in communicating with their clients via Facebook Messenger. 

After 24 hours, specific messages such as chatbot messages cannot be sent through Facebook messenger. 

Why does Facebook implement this rule?

Facebook wants to block the possibility for businesses to spam users on their platform and therefore implements limitations of communication. 

What does this mean for Trengo users?

Messages outside the 24-hour window cannot be sent via the Facebook Messenger channel in Trengo. We strongly advise responding within 24 hours. 

What actions will Trengo undertake? 

Currently, the Trengo development team is working hard to implement the Trengo API according to the new Facebook Messenger standards. After this implementation replying as a human agent will be possible with a 7 day window. 

As Facebook reviews all integrations with their platform, we are limited to their time schedule for releasing the new Trengo integration. Once these functionalities are complete we will notify you immediately.

Unfortunately, Facebook did not notify external platforms with a clear deadline for the release of this new feature. Our apologies for the inconvenience. 

Read more on the Facebook developers platform: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/policy/policy-overview/