Using Voys with Trengo

When you link your SIP devices to Trengo users, Trengo knows which user was handling a specific phone call. Use the steps below to link your devices to the users in Trengo.

Create a channel in Trengo

  1. Navigate to Settings --> Voice and click on the green + to add a Voice channel. 
  2. Select "Phone calls via SIP devices"
  3. Click on the provider ""
  4. Click `Add device`
  5. In your Voys account navigate to "Beheer" --> "Voip accounts" --> "extension/device" 
  6. Fill out the digits part (for example: 203) in this screen.
  7. Select the corresponding Trengo user.
  8. Click `Create channel` or `Update channel`.
  9. A webhook will now be created, copy this Webhook, as it will be needed in Voys.

  1. In the Voys control panel, go to "Beheer" and click on "Gespreksnotificaties".
  2. Click on the button "Toevoegen"
  3. Fill out the fields as shown on the image below. Paste your Webhook configuration from the channel in Trengo:
  4. Click on "Opslaan" to save the settings. 
  5. Your SIP-channel has now been set up!