Link Pipedrive with Trengo

Does the organization use the Pipedrive CRM system? Link Trengo to Pipedrive in order to show relevant data from customers in Trengo.

How does this work?

By linking Trengo to Pipedrive, contacts or deals in the Pipedrive CRM system. In addition to that, in Trengo there is a direct view of contact details, engagement, and deal status. It is even possible to add or adjust the Deal and Engagement in Trengo.

How can it be set?

Pipedrive is connected to Trengo in the following way:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> App store -> Pipedrive.
  2. Enter a desired name for the integration (this name will be displayed in the sidebar).
  3. Click on Save changes

Congratulations, Pipedrive has been successfully added to the Trengo account. Next thing to do is logging in:

  1. Navigate to a conversation in Trengo

  2. Press on log in at the bottom right of the Pipedrive link.

What data is there to see:

When Pipedrive is linked to Trengo, the following information is easy to find:

  • The contact information of the contact in Pipedrive.
  • The engagements or notes within the contact.
  • The deal with the customer and the associated status.