Voicemail & Missed calls

There can be times when there is no one to pick up the phone. If the organisation is in a team meeting or outside the set opening hours, for example. With Trengo you can easily set a voicemail and/or log missed calls in order to return missed calls. 

Enabling Voicemail

When there is no one available to answer the phone, the selected voicemail message will be played. Depending on the settings for Opening hours and agent statuses this will be either the "No agents available" greeting or the "outside business hours" greeting. If you want the customer to leave a message, make sure that Enable voicemail is switched on.

Would the organisation rather not let customers leave a voicemail? Switch this feature off. The customer will still hear a message but cannot leave a message.

Logging Missed calls

Want to stay informed of the organisation's missed calls? Make sure these are logged with the following setting:

Log Missed calls: Enable this feature if you want to be informed about missed calls. If the organisation has a missed call, it will appear as a conversation (ticket) in the inbox. This conversation can be assigned to you or one of the colleagues at a later time to make sure the customer's call gets returned.