Use your own Twilio account for Voice calls in Trengo

It is now also possible to link the organisatoin's Twilio account with Trengo. In this way all numbers from the Twilio account can be linked to Trengo for calling and texting. If the organisation does not yet have a Twilio account, it can be created here: .

Connect the Twilio account for telephony

To link the Twilio account to Trengo for calling take the following steps:

  1. In Trengo navigate to Settings -> Voice and create a new channel.
  2. Choose "Use my Twilio account" to start the link:
  3. Click on "Add your credentials" to add the details of the Twilio Account to Trengo. This requires the Account SID and the Auth Token.
  4. Make sure "Agent conference" is enabled in Twilio for the link to succeed.
  5. Click on "Create channel" to create the channel.
  6. Then select the number that matches the channel and apply the correct settings in Trengo.

Where can I find the Account SID and the Auth Token in Twilio?

Both the Account SID and the Auth Token can be found on the home page of the Twilio Dashboard.

How do I use Agent Conference at Twilio?

In Twilio navigate to Conferences -> Settings and check "Agent conference".

Handy: use the Twilio account for calling and texting

In addition to being able to link the Twilio account for Voice, the Twilio account can also be linked to Trengo for SMS in this way, which is handy, because all messages are processed from one well-arranged platform.