Why should you use Trengo?

With a "big" word, Trengo is considered a multi-channel team inbox. One inbox for all customer communication; it makes no difference whether a customer approaches the company via Facebook, email or any other type of communication. Everything will be collected in and can be answered from the same inbox. The best thing is that this inbox is accessible to all colleagues.

What are Trengo's possibilities?

By using Trengo it's no longer necessary to have numerous screens and pages open in order to be able to speak to customers. Only one screen is needed via which all communication is processed, even telephony! Trengo makes it possible to:

  • Easily answer customer questions: The difference between new and processed messages is very clear. This will ensure that a lead cannot be missed or a message is never processed unnecesserily.
  • Providing self-service support to customers: Provide customers with information and a useful explanation about the product by using a Help Center.
  • Provide customers with support: Use email, Website chat or social messaging to communicate with customers immediately. Quick answers and smooth solutions ensure more satisfied customers.
  • Always online: Thanks to Trengo's smart Chatbot, which can be used on Website chat and social messaging, customers can even ask their questions after opening hours or during the weekends, for example.
  • Receive and process more leads: Generate new leads from the organization's website by implementing Trengo Website chat and the useful widget!

Which companies/industries use Trengo?

  • E-Commerce entrepreneurs: increasing their number of conversions and leads in their webshops.
  • Automotive organizations: in order to inform a customer easily and quickly.
  • IT & Telecom companies: in order to quickly report and resolve customer's IT problems.
  • Employment agencies: then can quickly call their employees with Trengo.
  • Companies in the Financial Services Industry: in order to get in touch with their customers quickly.
  • And many others!

Why is Trengo such a good product?

Because all communication can be processed via the same inbox, which includes a clear overview of which messages haven't been processed yet. And there are many more reasons to start using Trengo ... Trengo is also very user friendly. The inbox is set up in a matter of minutes and ready to start processing messages!

Curious about the advantages of Trengo? Create a trial account and get started right away!