Conditions for a WhatsApp Business template

To get in touch with the customer via WhatsApp Business, so-called "templates" can be used. These templates are standardized messages to which a number of parameters, such as a name or an exact date, can be added. Before a templates can be used, they must have been approved by WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp has created up a number of conditions for this.

The conditions

Messages with a promotional purpose are not permitted

Ads, marketing or promotional messages are not allowd by WhatsApp. This includes:

  • Offering discount coupons and / or free giveaways.
  • Upselling.
    (Example: "This is a reminder for your MOT inspection on [date]. Tip: clean your car in our car wash immediately after check up and receive a 10% discount!".
  • Sending polls or surveys.
    (Example: " Hi! We would like to know how we can further improve our product. Would you like to complete this short survey for us?")

Good to know: WhatsApp Business is quite strict in assessing whether a message is of promotional nature. Even embedding words or phrases that make it appear as if the message is promotional can lead to a rejection.

Individual parameters are not allowed

It is not possible to add stand-alone parameters to a template. A parameter must always be provided with accompanying text.

For example, in the example below the parameters 3 and 4 are not allowed:

"Hi {{1}}, this is the confirmation of the appointment on {{2}}! {{3}}, {{4}}.

The surrounding text of a parameter should make clear what the contents of a parameter will be.

Errors in the structure of the template can cause a rejection

  • WhatsApp rejects templates that contain spelling errors.
  • Provide parameters in a message and make sure that they are entered correctly: with two "{" brackets on the left and two "}" brackets on the right. (example: {{1}}).
  • The name of the message template may only consist of alphanumeric characters and possibly a hyphen (_), whereby capital letters are not allowed. All other characters (such as emojis or spaces) are not allowed.
  • A template has no more than 1024 characters. New lines, tabs or more than 4 consecutive spaces are not allowed.
  • The parameters must be entered in order and always start with {{1}}.

Content with a threatening or abusive attitude is not allowed.

Consider, for example, a threat to take legal actions in the event of a default, or perhaps even a template in which the customer is forced to pay and if not, his/her name will be put to shame.

Want to know more about the conditions that WhatsApp sets? This page always contains the latest information about the templates.