Different locations, one team inbox!

Does the organisation operate all over the country, or perhaps even the entire world? It is still possible to combine all the employees into one team inbox! Add the right locations to the organisation within Trengo's Company Profile and link the right teams of employees to these locations. This way, every question is always answered by the right employee.

Add locations

Adding (a) new location(s) to the organisation can be done following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Company Profile -> Locations
  2. Add a new location using the green +.
  3. Give the location a recognizable name (for example, city name and / or street name).
  4. Add the teams that belong to this location.
  5. Choose the correct Identifiers.
    Identifiers are texts or parts of text that the customer can enter to recognize this location. For example, a zip code, street name + house number, city name, country. All the catch phrases you can think of, can be inserted with or without separators in here. Press Enter to add a new Identifier.