Ask for customer data with the Flowbot

To help a customer as good as possible, it is useful to know who the customer is. With the Flowbot it is possible to ask the customer all kinds of questions, which the customer can answer, using the content feature "User input". Super useful because can give the employees insights about the the customer, before taking on the conversation themselves. Even more convenient is the fact that the requested information can also be stored to a contact or ticket in Trengo directly.

Ask for User input

The user input feature consists of 4 main steps: the question, the customer's answer, the confirmation of previously entered data and a fallback message for when the answer seems incorrect.

The question

Within the heading "Message" you can ask the question to retrieve the required information. By default the example question "What is your name" is asked, but there could also be questions like "At what organisation are you currently employed?" or "What is your license plate number?". This way, some information is already collected in advance.

The answer

The customer can then type in an answer to this question and this answer can be saved directly to Trengo as contact information. Hereby it is possible to indicate where the Flowbot can store this answer. As an existing contact field (name, e-mail address, or a as a custom contact field; a custom field created by the organization itself), or in the ticket as one of the self-created ticket fields.

Select under "Save to" whether it is an entry for a contact or for a ticket and choose under "Select or Create field" under which field the information may be saved.

Good to know, this information is also stored in a tag, so that it can be used in a message at a later stage in the flow.

Confirm previous input

To ensure that the chatbot is still talking to the right person, it is possible to let the Flowbot ask to confirm the User input.

Choose the question that may be asked (for example: Do I still talk to Wim?). The customer only needs to confirm that he is still the same person (or not if a colleague happens to be sitting at his / her PC).

Note: the customer's name is always remembered, even if this feature is not enabled. The Confirm function only ensures that the name is correct.

Reply type

To ensure that the Flowbot can recognize the given information as correct, it is useful to select te correct Reply type here. For example, a Reply type "Name" can have up to 40 characters and characters such as ?, . and, , , are not allowed. This prevents someone from being given the name "How does your Flowbot work?", for example.

With the Reply type "email", it is checked whether the answer is a @ and a. contains.With "Reply type" it is ensured that the correct type of data is always added to the customer profile.

Fallback messages for invalid replies

For example, Someone starts a conversation by immediately asking their question, in stead of answering to the Flowbot's question, or someone types a phone number instead of an email address. With the previous feature, such an answer will be marked "incorrect" and with the "fallback message for invalid replies" this is also reported to the customer.

An example of this may be: "Sorry, I didn't recognize a name in this. Would you like to mention your name again?"

If all functionalities are entered correctly, click on "Done" to add the content to the Flowbot.