Share videos or images with the Flowbot

An image says more than 1,000 words, so in addition to text messages, Flowbot can send images or even videos to the customer.

Insert photos and videos

It is only possible to insert images or videos to the Flow that are stored on the pc. It is not possible to insert online videos or images via an URL.

Select the video or image in the content editor to add either one of them. 

Next, click on "Add file" to be able to search the images or videos from the drive on the computer for the correct image or video.

Useful: provide a caption for the photo or video using the "Caption". Give this a personal touch by using tags to name the customer by his / her name, or use emojis🙂.

An overview of all tags is displayed under this icon:

If everything has been inserted and has a caption, click on "Done" to add the video or image to the Flow.