Add texts to the Flowbot

Every Flow step within a Flow consists of Content and Buttons or Actions. The content can be used to share information or to collect information from the customer. To do this as good as possible, there are countless features within the Flowbot. A great way to share information, is text. 

All the Content options

In the image below all content options are shown: text, videos, images, documents, delays, user input, dynamic / own content or a location finder. Every option has its own functionalities.


Use text to share information with the customer. Think about product information or a brief explanation of a vacancy. This feature can be used to ask a questions above buttons as well. These buttons lead to the next steps in the Flow bot.

Use tags and emojis😊 in the text to give a conversation a personal touch. The {contact full_name} tag in the example below, repeats the name of the chatter.

Tip: Alternate text with videos and images to make the conversation more visual for the customer!

The tag icon as shown below below provides an overview of the possible tags.