Switching to WhatsApp Business


WhatsApp Inc. has recently announced that companies must switch to the business WhatsApp Business variant in order to keep messaging with their customers. Please read the instructions below carefully to take the right steps. We have made it as easy as possible for your company to comply with this.

What should you do?

Many companies use WhatsApp via the consumer app on the mobile phone. WhatsApp demands every company to stop using this application. It may happen that in the feature, they choose to block organisations still using the consumer app. Facebook, as the owner of WhatsApp, has seen a Business opportunity to make money from this. WhatsApp Business: the business variant that no longer requires a mobile phone. At this moment there are hundreds of organizations (from large to small) using Trengo for their WhatsApp messages!

How does this work for your company?

Step 1:

To ensure that you can continue to text with customers, every company must be approved by WhatsApp Inc. This can take 1 to 2 weeks through our preferred partner and costs 45 euros * once. Applications can be made via this link. We then take the rest off your hands.

Step 2

A Facebook invite is sent and must be accepted by the organization. This can be done within the Facebook Business environment. Make sure to also get your Facebook account verified. After these two steps, WhatsApp will review the request for approval. 

Step 3:

Approved? We will inform you about this and set up a server for you. The server costs are 45 euros per month per number (the smartphone is no longer needed). Naturally, Trengo will set up, maintain and deliver everything for you so that you can keep messaging without any risks. Unlike other WhatsApp Business solutions, we will not charge high monthly costs and do not charge for incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages (within 24 hours) *.

This is also the time when the number can be verified by SMS or Voice call. Verification successful? Then you are ready to receive apps via this WhatsApp Business number in Trengo.
Server organized by Trengo?

Start WhatsApp Business application

Applications can be done through this form (Trengo administrator role required).

Tip: always register your fixed company telephone number, so that contacts can call and message on the same telephone number. This is a great new feature that WhatsApp Business has to offer!

Given the high demand for WhatsApp Business, the application takes 1 to 2 weeks . We therefore advise you to start the application now, after which we will take care of everything. This way you avoid the risk of being closed by WhatsApp in the future and you use a stable and official solution.

Ask? Feel free to ask them at team@trengo.com , we are happy to advise you! 

* Price changes reserved.