WhatsApp via Trengo using the Business Partner

Getting started with WhatsApp in Trengo? This can be done by applying to us. Trengo then takes the entire request from our Business Partner for the organization out of your hands and ensures that the organization can reply to WhatsApp messages as quickly as possible with a team of employees.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business and create a new channel .
  2. Give the channel a recognizable name (for example WhatsApp [organization name]), link the right team and choose the right settings such as the channel's choice and the relevant opening times.
  3. Under settings, select “Trengo via Business partner (recommended)”
  4. Enter all data in the form shown below:

    Make sure to pay attention to the following points:
    • Make sure the form is filled out completely. 
    • Give a brief description of the organization (what does the company do and in which industry does it operate).
    • A short argument for the application: Why does the organization want to use WhatsApp?
    • The telephone number in international format (3185 instead of 085 or +31 85).
      Note: make sure it is a "clean" number.
    • Provide the correct Facebook Business ID. Here is described where the Business ID can be found.
  5. Then agree to all terms and conditions and click on "Create Channel".
    (More info about the costs is explained here ).
  6. We will complete the application as quickly as possible and keep you informed of the status of the application.
  7. If the request is approved, an invite will be sent via Facebook Business from our Business Partner.
    Accept this request to proceed in the procedure.
  8. When everything is complete, Trengo will activate and set up the channel. As soon as it is activated we will contact you and the organization can start using WhatsApp Business immediately.