WhatsApp via Trengo using the Business Partner

Getting started with WhatsApp in Trengo? This can be done by sending a request to be approved by Whatsapp. Trengo takes the entire request from our Business Partner for the organization out of your hands and ensures that the organization can reply to WhatsApp messages as quickly as possible with a team of employees.

Quick tips before you get started

Before you create a request to be approved for WhatsApp Business, make sure to be aware of the following: 

  • The WhatsApp Business applications enables Businesses communicate with their customers via Whatsapp. To overcome the risk of misuse by organizations, Whatsapp has setup the following limitations in its use.
  • The phone number the organization chooses to use for WhatsApp Business needs to be verified by WhatsApp. Make sure that this phone number can receive either a SMS message or an automated Voice call. Any kind of IVR menu needs to be disable to receive this phone call. 

Step 1: Setup a channel and request WhatsApp

Navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business and click on Submit request for WhatsApp Business. Make sure to give the channel a recognizable name (for example WhatsApp [organization name]), link the right team and choose the right settings such as the channel's choice and the relevant opening times.

Under settings, select โ€œTrengo via Business partner (recommended)โ€ and enter all data shown below. 

Make sure to pay attention to the following points:

  • Make sure the form is filled out completely. 
  • Give a brief description of the organization (what does the company do and in which industry does it operate).
  • Add a short argument for the application: Why does the organization want to use WhatsApp?
  • The telephone number in international format (3185 instead of 085 or +31 85).
    Note: make sure it is a "clean" number.

Make sure to provide the correct Facebook Business ID. To find this, navigate to business.facebook.com and login with your credentials. Navigate to the "Business settings" within your Facebook Business account: Settings > Business Manager info

  • Login to business.facebook.com
  • Click on more tools:
  • From the list, select "Business settings"
  • Navigate to "Business info"

Here the ID can be found: 

Finally, make sure to agree to all terms and conditions and click on "Create Channel". 

Step 2: Sign the agreement 

After we've received the WhatsApp request of your organization we will forward you a partner agreement between your organization, Trengo and our Business Partner. Make sure to read it carefully and sign it online. After we received the signature the WhatsApp process will be continued. 

Step 3: Facebook Business invite and verification 

After the agreement had been signed and received, our Business Partner will start up their process by sending the organization an invite in Facebook Business. 

This invite can be found in the request section in the menu of the Facebook Business environment. 

The next step in the Facebook Business environment is making sure to get a verified Facebook Business account. This can be done by navigating to the Security Center in Facebook Business

Note: it is only possible to start the Business verification after you have received the invite from our Business Partner. 

Be aware that the Business verification process is entirely controlled by Facebook. 

Once your Facebook Business profile has been successfully verified, your application will go to WhatsApp for approval. 

Step 4: Activate phone number

Great news: your Whatsapp request has been approved. As soon as Whatsapp has approved the organization's request, you will receive an email with the big news. In order to be able to use it in Trengo, it needs to be activated and verified. 

To do this, navigate back to the channel's settings and click on the "Activate" button. 

Next, choose whether the verification code should be send to the number by SMS or by a phone call. Is there an IVR on the number, make sure it is disabled at this time and click on "Request code". 

A phone call or text message is send to the number in which a six-digit code is spoken or written. Fill out the code in Trengo and click on "Activate". 

Step 5: Start communicating ๐Ÿš€

After activating the number, it is immediately active and ready to use! People can start sending your their WhatsApp messages and the organization's employees can answer them using Trengo. 

Besides, it is possible to reach out to customers by sending them templates