Use Templates with WhatsApp Business via Messagebird

Show the initiative yourself and approach the customer via WhatsApp? This can be done using approved templates. With a Business account via Messagebird, this is set as follows:

  1. Create a WhatsApp template in the organization's Messagebird account. This article in the Messagebird Help Center explains how this works.
  2. Messagebird will submit this template to WhatsApp for approval. Once it has been approved, this can be seen in the Messagebird account.
  3. In Trengo, navigate to Settings -> WhatsApp Business and click on the Business channel to edit it.
  4. Under settings is the "Namespace" field, click here on Manage templates to add a template.
  5. Add a template by clicking on the green +-button.
  6. Next; copy the following data from Messagebird:
    1. Identifier or template name.
    2. The exact message including the variable information (represented as {{1}}).
  7. Give the template a recognizable name in Trengo, this way colleagues can easily select the correct template.
  8. Link the template to the correct WhatsApp channel.
  9. Save the template by clicking on Save Changes / Create template.

Once the templates have been created, it is also important that the Messagebird template center is linked to Trengo via the namespace. To do this, you need the Namespace that you received when creating a Messagebird account. Copy this and paste it within the settings of the WhatsApp channel (Settings -> WhatsApp Business -> edit channel).

Tip: Make sure to read through WhatsApp's conditions for approval of a template.