An email conversation

Assigning an email conversation

Those who assign an email conversation to self will see the following screen:

The sender and receiver are already filled in and the signature of the user has already been created.

Changing the email's recipient

If you wish to change the recipient, you can simply click on - or behind the address of the recipient with your mouse pointer. The address can then be removed.

Then type the name behind the recipient, or the beginning of the email address of the person to whom the message is forwarded and a (list of) suggestion(s) for recommended recipients automatically appears. Then it's only a matter of selecting the right person and sending a email.

Show original conversation

It can be convenient if an email conversation can be hidden (ticket number) if the thread consists of multiple messages. To ensure that this does not take up the entire screen, the conversation is displayed as "closed".

By clicking the three dots below an email, the entire conversation is then displayed. This gives you a clear overview!