New✨! Invite to a conversation through Greetings

A greeting is a pop-up that is opened from the Widget and the great thing is: there are unlimited possibilities to target website visitors with a personalized message! Reward returning visitors with a faithful customer discount, or reach out to a customer based upon his Google Search term. 

Set up greetings

The greetings can be set by following the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Widget Automation.
  2. Click on Add greeting to add a new Greeting.
  3. Start by creating the actual greeting and decide who of the employees be the sender.
  4. Is the widget shown in multiple languages? Add the corresponding languages for the greeting here by clicking on the "Translate" button.
    Good to know: the first language that is added is the widget's preferred language by default. This can be adjusted by checking "Default language"-box for the desired default language.
  5. When the correct message is set for all languages, you can choose which website visitors will see this specific greeting by clicking on "Choose audience".
  6. Choose whether everyone will see this greeting (Everyone), or only a specific group of visitors (Choose audience).Afterwards indicate which conditions visitors need to meet to see the greeting. This article explains the different conditions that exist.
  7. If the audience for the greeting is created it is time to set the moment the greeting will be displayed, using the "Page targeting settings". Click on "Set Page targeting".
  8. Here you can set after how much time and on which page of the website the widget is displayed.

    Choose at "Delivery method" whether the greeting is displayed immediately or after a someone is a few seconds on a page. If the second option is chosen, the number of seconds can be set in "Seconds on page".
    Next, choose whether the greeting is displayed on every page of the website (all pages), or only on one or more specific pages (select page URL).
  9. Show the greeting at a specific URL? By choosing "select page URL", a URL can be added by clicking on the green "Add URL" button. It is not necessary to enter the entire URL, only enter the part of the URL that comes after .nl or .com.
    For example: to display a greeting on the live chat page of, it is only needed to fill out /products/live chat here.
    If the greeting should be displayed on all product pages, use the *-feature, as in /products/*. This way the greeting appears on every page that contains /products/.
  10. When all conditions and settings have been set, it is time to actually publish the greeting. This is possible in the next step.
  11. Publish the greeting or choose a moment when the greeting can go live. For example, it is easy to promote seasonal offers through Greetings. By giving the greeting a start and end date, it will only be shown when the offer is in effect.

    Proceed by choosing the widget in which the greeting will be displayed and whether it may already be active. (Note that if there is a date in the future for the start date, it is advisable to set the greeting to active so that it automatically appears online at the chosen time).
  12. Everything set up properly? Then click on "save" to publish the greeting.
    Good to know: no time to complete the greeting, or do you want to look something up in the meantime? It is always possible to save the greeting in the meantime by clicking on "save" in the top right corner.