Sending emails from the organization's domain

It's very desirable to be able to send emails via the organization's domain. Good news! Trengo allows you to do just that 🤗. In this article we'll explain how!

Setting up your own domain

Adding your own domain to the Trengo email channel can be done with the function "Sender E-mail address". This can be found under the heading "Advanced" within the email settings. Start as follows: fill out the sender email address before verifying the domain. The latter will be required in order to really use the sender email address. 

To add a domain, choose "Click here to manage sender email addresses".  A pop-up will be displayed concerning Domain Management. By selecting "New domain" a new domain can be added to Trengo.

Adding a domain

Anybody who has pressed the New domain button will see the following:

Fill in the domain in the field that needs to be linked to Trengo, without anything in it (i.e. only the domain for example) and then choose "Add domain". By doing this, the following screen is shown:

The domain has thus been successfully added, but it has to be verified and the DKIM and SPF have to be set up properly.

Verifying the domain

The email domain can be verified by clicking on 'Request setup' in the email inbox. A new window asks for an email address to which a verification email is sent. Any random email address of the domain can be entered here. Then an email arrives in the old email inbox. You don't have to follow the steps as verified in this email. However, this message must be forwarded to Trengo via We'll then verify the email address and the corresponding domain.

Once this has happened, the first cross has transformed into a green check mark.


Not everything has been fully arranged yet. Status shows you the possibility to view the DKIM and SPF records by choosing "View settings" in both functions. We advise to send these so-called DNS records that are listed here to your company's IT employee, so that he/she can add these to the DNS. Please note: it can take up to 24 hours for all data to be processed and for the green check marks to appear.

Please note: it may vary per hosting provider or. [Property name] .nl has already been filled in, or that this still has to be done manually. If it doesn't work the first time, it may be related to this. This can also be checked by clicking on "Test settings".

Once all check marks under the Domain Management appear in green, an outgoing domain can be selected in the email channel that's fully approved! In other words: you can then send emails via your own domain!