Regulation Enforcement (action required)

Regulatory enforcement related to phone numbers is on the rise around the world. This increased scrutiny is driven by various factors, including rising incidents of misuse and abuse of phone numbers and heightened national security concerns. Our carrier, Trengo and our customers need to comply with phone number regulations.

To help you minimize the risk of disruption, we’re asking you to submit the required regulation address for your phone number(s) before July 30.

Actions required:

  1. Go to
  2. If there is a red alert (Missing address), click the specific number and go to step 3. If there is no red alert, no action is required.
  3. Click the red button (Provide address) and provide your (company)details.
    PS. For most numbers it's important that the address is listed in the specific country from the number. Check for more information.

If you take no action, your phone number is at risk for being reclaimed after July 30.

We will inform you if the documents do not comply.