Migrate the Chatbot to Dialogflow V2 in Google

Recently, Google has updated its Dialogflow to version 2, or Google Cloud Key. To ensure that the organization's Chatbot in Trengo continues to work properly, it is important that the bot is transferred to this second version. It is important that this happens before 31 October as from then on, Google will stop supporting their V1 API. The migration can be done with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Dialogflow dashboard and log in.
  2. Choose the right chatbot in the dropdown menu on the left and then click on the settings button (⚙️).
  3. Click on V2 API, accept the confirmation and click the blue Save button. 
  4. Next click on the link of the Project ID (see image).
  5. This link navigates to Google's "Cloud console". You may first be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue.
  6. Click in the console, in the menu on the left, on "IAM & Admin" and then choose "Service accounts".
  7. Create a new Service Account. 
  8. Give the Service Account a name and a short description (for example, the name of the Chatbot) and proceed to step 2.
  9. In step 2, provide the Service account with the roles Dialogflow API Admin and Dialogflow API Client (to be searched in the search window) and continue to the next step.
  10. It is not necessary to grant users access to this account. Skip this part and choose "Create Key".
  11. Indicate that the Keytype is "JSON" and click on Create.
  12. A file is now downloaded, open this and copy the content.
  13. In Trengo, navigate to Settings -> Chatbots -> Edit chatbot and navigate to its Settings.
  14. Paste the just copied code in the 'Google Cloud Key' field and save the changes.
  15. Go back to the cloud console (click on the Google cloud console to go back to the homepage) and navigate in the menu on the left to "APIs & Services" -> "Dashboard".
  16. Click on "Enable APIs and Services".
  17. In the next screen, search for "Dialogflow API" and make sure it is "enabled".

Once these steps have been completed, the chatbot has been successfully migrated to version 2 of Dialogflow from Google.