How to work in teams

How is it ensured that sales staff doesn't have to deal with all the support questions to get to the messages they actually need to process? You can easily prevent this by dividing the users into teams! To start with, basically every user is part of the "Default" team, but of course this can be arranged more efficiently.

Adding a team

Adding teams is done under Settings, under the header that logically bears the name "Teams". By selecting a specific team in the list, all the team's information appears. So it immediately becomes clear which users belong to a team.

Teams can be added with the green '+' button.

Adding a new channel to a team

Anyone who creates a new channel in Trengo can also assign this channel directly to a specific team. Selecting the "Teams" menu will display a list of all teams within the account. It's simply a matter of selecting the right one and the team is added.

Would you like to delete a team? Then click on the 'x' directly behind the team name.

Ready for action

If all colleagues are invited, all channels have been added and the teams are also ready for use. Congratulations! You can now work efficiently via one team inbox. πŸŽ‰