Adding channels to Trengo

During the setup wizard, it was possible to connect Facebook, Twitter or Telegram to Trengo. In addition, the email channel was already set up. But the efficient multi-channel inbox can be connected to a whole range of other channels, such as a Website chat which can be placed on the website. It's even possible to make phone calls via Trengo!

Users of Trengo with administrator privileges can access the account's settings โš™๏ธ. They can manage the different channels that can be linked to Trengo among other things.

By taking a look here, you'll find the channels that were already set up here. In addition, there's also a chat channel ready to be set up under "Website Chat".

Adding Website chat, Facebook and other channels

It's possible to integrate multiple Facebook, Website chat and other messaging channels with Trengo. Under Settings within Trengo, Channels contains a list of channels that can be added to Trengo. Choose the channel in which the organization is interested and add the channel by pressing the green +-button.

What the next steps look like is different per channel. Below is an overview of articles explaining this process for the different channels. Good to now: added channels can always be edited at a later time!

  1. Creating a Website chat channel for your organization's website
  2. Linking Facebook to Trengo
  3. Adding an email channel
  4. Connecting Telegram to Trengo
  5. Linking Twitter to Trengo
  6. Sending SMS messages via Trengo
  7. Making phone calls via Trengo
  8. The Trengo Help Center

If you want to use Trengo for SMS or Voice, it's important that your payment details are known to us. This article is all about adding payment information.