Getting started with Trengo!

Wouldn't it be great if it was possible to receive all types of communication in one shared inbox? By creating a Trengo trial account via you're able to experience this yourself! By means of a trial account, Trengo can be tested for -14- consecutive days at no cost and without any further obligations. Once the (trial) account has been created, the first steps towards a more efficient inbox can be taken!

Ready, set, go! The first steps in Trengo

The very first step after all the information has been filled in and the form has been sent, you'll receive an account verification email in your (current) email box. The activation link opens our installation wizard, which helps you through the first steps of Trengo. The first thing that's prompted in the installation wizard is linking the diverse (social media) channels. 

Connecting your company's social network

Quickly and easily connect your company's social network to Trengo by following the steps in the wizard, with a simple click of a button. The "Connect" button opens the website relevant social network, enabling you to login. Logging in to Facebook, for example, will show a list of company pages that could be used to set up a connection. Select the right one and it's done! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Do you want to connect Telegram? This article explains how to do just that!

Setting up an email address

A Trengo email channel automatically generates a forwarding address, as shown in the image above. Use this email address to forward emails to Trengo via the previous mailbox. Google Mail and Office 365 have a clear explanation of how this can be done.

The website widget

A great tool which helps generating more leads via one's own website: the website widget (or widget). This widget can be seen as a kind of "application" that can be placed on website. Visitors of the website can use the widget to easily contact the organisation via a channel of their choice.

The wizard shows an "embed code", which needs to be placed on the website, somewhere before the </head>-tag. Copy the embed code to place it on the website or forward it to a web developer to have it placed on the website. Once the wizard has been completed, the widget can be configured according to the organisation's desires within the Settings of the Trengo account. In this section of the Help Center everything concerning the widget is explained. 

Inviting colleagues

A team inbox only becomes a team inbox when there's a team that works in it.  Therefore, invite the first colleagues via the wizard and let them join Trengo. They will then receive an invitation in their own inbox, which they can use to connect to the inbox of the company. Do you need to invite many colleagues, or did you miss someone during the setup wizard? No problem! After the wizard has been completed, users can easily be added or deleted from Trengo.

Please note: it's important that invited colleagues register via the invitation email they receive in their email boxes. If they create an account via our website, they will start their own team inbox, that will not be connected to the one of the company! We kindly advise you to let your colleagues sign in via!

What's next?

The first steps towards (more) efficient communication have been taken! To get some practice, a few conversations are awaiting processing. The perfect opportunity to try out the capabilities that our inbox offers. Assign these conversations to yourself or a colleague and answer them, or close them immediately and get to know all functionalities within Trengo.

It's also the time to personalize Trengo even further. The next articles will help during this process.

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