Different locations, 1 WhatsApp number thanks to Rules

*Note: Whatsapp has paused all requests worldwide at this moment. We are waiting for more information, as soon as we receive it we will provide an update.*

Trengo has a nice solution for being available on all locations with only one phone number, thanks to our Rules and contact groups, only one phone number will be sufficient for the entire organization.

What is needed?

Before the actual Rules can be created, some preparation is required. First of all it is necessary that various contact groups are created . It is important that each location or department gets their own contact group. (for example, "contact group Ravenoord Utrecht").

In addition, a general contact group is also required. Every person who reaches out to the organization will automatically be a member of this contact group. That is important, because this ensures that everyone gets a response to their question. 

When the contact groups have been created, the preparations have been made and the Rules can be created.

Create the Rules

In order to be able to direct customers using WhatsApp to the right location or department, two types of Rules are needed: one that automatically asks the customer for the location that he/she wants to contact and a second to direct him/her to the right location. In order to assign customers to the right employees, it is necessary to have a separate Rule for every location.

1. Greet the customer and ask him / her about the location

First things first: the first Rule that asks the customer about the location he/she would like to be in contact with. Give the Rule a recognizable name (for example: WhatsApp welcome message) and link it to the WhatsApp channel. After that has been done, make sure it contains the following settings:


  1. "Is first message" equals "Yes"
  2. "Ticket status" equals "Open"
  3. "Contact group" not in "general contact group"

It is important that it concerns the first message and that the customer is not yet tied to a contact group, because it is not desirable that if a customer has already chosen a location, he/she is asked the same question again. With the above settings, the question is asked to him/her only once.


As an action chose "send message", because that way a message is sent automatically to the customer, explaining that he / she will be redirected to the right people based on, for example, a place name or contact person. An example of such a message is:


What is the "place name" or "name of the location" you would like to contact?

For example, type: Amsterdam, or “Trengo Utrecht”


Ps: You only have to do this once. In the future we will forward all your messages directly to the chosen location. "

Finally, click on "Create Rule" to save the created Rule.

2. Refer the customer to the right team

If the customer is asked to provide his/her desired location by the first rule, it is desirable that he/she is automatically redirected to the right team. To do this, a separate Rule is required for every location. These have to be created separately. Give all these Rules a recognizable name (for example, WhatsApp [location name]) and link them to the WhatsApp channel within the first settings.

These Rules have the following settings for conditions and actions:


The conditions of the Rules are as follows:

1. "Ticket status" equals Open.


1. "Message body" contains "[location name]


1. Contact group in "general contact group".

This ensures that the action is only carried out for conversations that have not yet been picked up, but also for messages that may already be in the general contact group.

At "Message body" conditions: keep in mind that people can use multiple descriptions to describe a location. It is therefore advisable, to provide the rule with several variants for Message body under the "OR" conditions just like in the image above. This way it no longer matters whether a customer writes "Amsterdam" or the corresponding zip code: for both they are placed in the right contact group and the right team.


Next, actions need to be linked to these conditions. The following actions will make sure the customer gets to speak with the right team:

  1. Assign to team - [location team]
    To ensure that the message reaches the right employees.
  2. Add to contact group [location contact group]
    This way it is certain that in the future this customer will be referred to the right team  automatically and will not be asked about his preferred location again.
  3. Add to contact group [general contact group]
    To ensure that this person always receives a response, even if he has moved to a new location, for example.
  4. Send Message
    A welcome message to confirm that the correct location has been chosen.
    For example:
    "Welcome to Location Amsterdam, we will answer your questions as quickly as possible."

Follow these settings with a rule per location and don't forget to publish and save a created line. Good to know: in stead of fulfilling all the steps above for the last Rule, it is possible to clone a rule. This way all the settings will be copied into a new Rule and it is only needed to change the name of the location.