Creating a widget for your website

Now another fun part starts: you're going to add a Widget to Trengo 😎💪. The first Widget is ready to be set up at A new Widget can always be added via the green + button.

The first steps

When a Widget is added, the screen below appears. Here the basic settings of the Widget can be edited. Give the Widget a clear name, so that it is clear to all colleagues what it's for and on which website it'll appear on. Widgets can be created free of charge and unlimitedly; an unique Widget for every website or for every team. Proper distinction is therefore important!

In addition to the name of the Widget, the color and a number of other settings can also be adjusted here. This way the color of the Widget connects to the website and is shown in the right place.

The default channel is the channel that is first visible when visitors open the Widget. Our advice is to use the Website chat as default channel, or, if it's not there, the email channel.

Saving the Widget

After all these steps have been completed, the Widget is saved. Don't worry! It won't be published on the website directly. This is done through the Embed Code that appears under "Installation". You can use this code yourself (or your web developer) to place the Widget on the website when it's completely finished.

If all these steps are completed succesfully, it's time to get started with the channels in the Widget.