Start using the Website widget

A widget, what's that? It's actually a kind of mini application that can be integrated in a website. There are many types of widgets with different functions. For example, they can tell you what the current weather is, or, like our widget, they help website visitors getting in touch with you.

Communicating easily

The Trengo widget ensures that website visitors can easily contact the company. You can add almost all channels to the widget: Website chat, mail, Facebook, Twitter and Telegram. But it's also possible to only use it for the Website chat, for example.

It's easy to get started

To help you get the best out of the Widget, we have listed the following articles:

  1. Adding a widget
  2. Adding channels
  3. Chatting in the widget
  4. The email option
  5. Adding additional languages and personalize texts
  6. Placing the widget on the website
  7. Changing the company name in the Widget 
  8. New: Set your own icon

In this way the widget can be configured and adjusted to your company. A tip before you get started: make sure all your channels (channels) and teams are set up.