Useful tips for using WhatsApp in Trengo

A partner supplier has now been chosen, all steps have been completed and the company can actually start answering WhatsApp messages using Trengo🎉. Thanks to the tips below, the organization is sure to get the most out of WhatsApp Business:

1. WhatsApp via a business number

Avoid hassle with expired SIM cards and mobile phones by verifying the business number of the organization for WhatsApp.

2. Communicate the business WhatsApp number

Lots of people use WhatsApp on a daily basis, so it might be a good idea to inform them that the organization can be reached on WhatsApp.
Add the number to the Trengo Website Widget, for example. From there, customers can WhatsApp with the organization after just one click.

3. Multiple locations or departments, use Rules to direct customers to the right employees 

Currently, WhatsApp offers to approve up to five numbers for an organization. What if the organization consists of more than five locations or departments that each have their own number? Trengo has a nice solution for that,. Thanks to our Rules and contact groups, only one phone number will be sufficient for the entire organization.