Is it possible to use the current WhatsApp number for WhatsApp Business?

Suppose the organization already has a number that is used for WhatsApp. Is it possible to keep this number?

That is certainly possible, but our advice is to use a new, "clean" number. This is because currently WhatsApp does not grant access to the Business connection if a number is already known in the WhatsApp network. To keep the current number, it will have to be removed from this network temporarily. It might be smarter to use a new number for WhatsApp. 

Register a new number for WhatsApp Business

To ensure that the organization remains accessible, it is advisable to register a new number for WhatsApp. This can be a fixed number that the organization is already using for customer service telephony, for example. This way the organization is not depending on a mobile phone or a SIM card that can expire.

Tip: create a voice channel in Trengo to use our tool to answer phone calls as well.

During the application process, it is advisable to communicate the new number to customers who are still reaching out to the organization using the existing WhatsApp number. This can be done, for example, by creating a Quick Reply (standard answer). Users of the WhatsApp Business App on a device can create an automatic response in the app to communicate the new number. Newsletters or, for example, Bulk text messages can be good methods to communicate the new number as well. 

Alternative solution: keep the current number

To transfer the existing number from WhatsApp to WhatsApp bussiness, it is necessary to temporarily remove this number from the WhatsApp network. This means that the organization cannot be reached on WhatsApp during the application procedure. It may take several weeks for this number to be active in WhatsApp Business. Trengo depends on WhatsApp and the selected partner, who will handle the entire procedure.