Connect WhatsApp to Trengo using Messagebird

** Messagebird recently announced that they will ask 1000 euro for each number from now on for new onboardings **

The following steps are required to link an account to Trengo via Messagebird:

Setup in Messagebird

  1. Fill in this form with the correct information;
  2. Create a Messagebird account .
  3. Messagebird will submit the request and submit it to WhatsApp, which will ultimately give its approval. The granting of this approval can take up to 4 weeks (but often faster). Once approval has been granted MessageBird will contact the organization;
  4. Messagebird will ask for the Facebook Business ID and which number is desired to register on the WhatsApp network (max 5 numbers).
    Tip: Here is described where the Facebook Business ID can be found or how it can be created if it does not yet exist.
    Tip: make sure the numbers are "clean".
  5. Messagebird will send an invitation based on the Facebook Business ID provided. Accept the Messagebird invitation via Facebook Business ;
  6. As soon as Messagebird reports that the number has been activated in the account, the number must be verified via Messagebird.
  7. Further fill in the WhatsApp profile in Messagebird by ensuring that each number is provided with the following information:
    1. A WhatsApp profile photo.
    2. Name for the WhatsApp channel.
    3. Short organization description.
    4. Extensive organization description.
    5. Address data.
    6. Email address.
    7. Website.
  8. Messagebird (and WhatsApp) charges a rate for sending and answering WhatsApp messages. These costs are deducted via the credits within the Messagebird account.It is important that these credits are purchased;
    Tip: Choose the automatic recharge option, so that there can never be a shortage of credits and the messages will always arrive.
  9. When all the above steps have been completed, it is important to link Messagebird to Trengo. To do this, create a unique "API access (REST)" token for each number. Within "Description" enter the WhatsApp number and check whether the dropdown menu is set to "Live". Then click on "Add". Refresh the page to request the correct token under "Access Key" on "Show key".
    Tip: copy the key to a word document or notepad to enter it in a next step.
  10. Go to the WhatsApp channel in Messagebird and copy the ID that is shown beow the name of the WhatsApp channel.

Interior in Trengo

If everything has been requested and completed in Messagebird, a WhatsApp Business channel can be created in Trengo by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp Business under Settings.
  2. Create a new channel via the green (+) button.
  3. Give the channel a recognizable name (preferably equal to the name in Messagebird).
  4. Choose the teams that will get access to the WhatsApp channel.
  5. Select "Messagebird" as the provider.
  6. Paste the just copied tokens in the appropriate fields.
  7. Select an SMS fallback channel so that all answers always arrive, even if they are answered after 24 hours.
    Tip: if you have not yet created an SMS channel, you can easily do this here .
  8. Make the channel definitive by clicking on "Create channel" if an SMS fallback channel is selected.

Send a WhatsApp message to the number to check if everything is set up correctly. When the message arrives, the steps have been completed correctly and the number can be communicated to customers πŸŽ‰!