WhatsApp Business via Trengo

It is now also possible to receive WhatsApp messages in Trengo! By connecting WhatsApp Business to Trengo, the organization can provide customers with answers using their favorite messaging channel!

WhatsApp Business with one of our partners

Trengo currently has three (SMS / Messaging) partners who offer a connection for WhatsApp Business. This makes it possible to easily link your number, which needs to be verified through the partner, to Trengo to answer all WhatsApp messages from the powerful team inbox. A subscription for Trengo at the minimum of 4 users in plan Scale is required if chosen to work with Twilio.

Each of these organizations has its own onboarding procedure, which we have clearly explained in our Help Center:

  1. Onboarding using our business partner (recommended⭐️)
    45 euro start-up fee (once per number) and 45 euros added to the monthly subscription, each number  you want. No costs for inbound/outbound messages within 24 hours.
  2. Onboarding via Twilio
    Only numbers from their services to add to WhatsApp, 0.5 cent per inbound/outbound message within the 24 hours.

Important to know: to be able to use WhatsApp Business, it is important that the organization has a "clean" number. This is a number that is not yet registered on the WhatsApp network at the time of the application. 

How does it work?

WhatsApp is currently an excellent communication channel for customer service, because for the time being it is a channel that can mainly be used to answer messages. The customer has to take the initiative. As soon as they ask the organization a question via WhatsApp, they can be assigned in Trengo within 24 hours and answered as a normal WhatsApp message. Through a smart solution, a customer can also get a response from the company outside the 24-hour period.

In the future, it will be possible to actively approach the customer through a template: a standard message that has been approved by WhatsApp.

Moreover, WhatsApp is now being used more and more commercially. This means that costs will be incurred to make use of the platform as an organization. 

These articles explain more about the deployment and costs of WhatsApp Business:

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  4. Tips and Tricks for using WhatsApp via Trengo.
  5. Templates for WhatsApp via Twilio. 

N.B.: keep in mind that WhatsApp has its own set of conditions for the organizations that are allowed to use their Business solution. More information about these conditions can be found within WhatsApp's policy