Flowbot Buttons and WhatsApp Business

Recently it has become possible within Whatsapp to display Buttons within the Flowbot. In this article, we will explain to you how this works and what possibilities and limitations you have. 

How do we activate buttons in the Flowbot on Whatsapp? 

Here you have to do nothing else than building the flowbot step by step. The buttons you create there will automatically be transferred into Whatsapp. However, you need to consider that buttons need to be accomplished by a Button guiding text. 

You can set that up in step 2 of building the Flowbot: 

How does this work on Whatsapp? 

As soon as a customer send you a message via Whatsapp Business, the flowbot will be activated, just like you are used to and when he lands on a place where he can make a choice, buttons will show up. 

Buttons will only appear if you have three options or less, like you can see in the example below: 

If you have more than four options there will be a list instead of buttons, as shown in this example: 

 Maximum of 20 characters

­čĺíNote: It is important to know that buttons can have a maximum of 20 characters. Keep this in mind when deciding the text on buttons to steps, lists, but also within the Location finder

Button options with more than 20 characters get shortened with a .. ending, as in the example below: 

It is important to keep this in mind, especially when using the Location in the Flowbot. Locations can easily have more than 20 characters. To make sure the Flowbot can still recognize the shortened option, it is advisable to add this within the identifiers of that location.